Downloading ZOD

We currently provide two ways of downloading the datasets, either through a shared Dropbox folder or via Academic Torrents. To download the dataset, you need to request access and, once granted, you can download the dataset using the command line interface (CLI) tool. The CLI tool, along with an extensive development kit, can be found on Github here.

Requesting access

If you are interested in using ZOD, we kindly ask you to request access by emailing us at Your request should include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your affiliation
  • Your email address connected to your Dropbox account
  • A short description of your intended use of the dataset.

Please feel free to use the template below as a starting point for your request:

Dear Zenseact,

I am interested in using the Zenseact Open Dataset (ZOD) for my research and I would like to request access to the dataset.
Please find the requested information below:

Name: <your name>
Affiliation: <your affiliation>
Email: <your email address>
Intended use: <short description of your intended use of the dataset>

Best regards,
<your name>

Once we have received your request, we will review it and get back to you as soon as possible with a link to the Dropbox folder that should be used together with the downloading script provided in the zod CLI interface, see the Downloading using the CLI section. You can also download via Academic Torrents, see the Downloading using torrents section below for more information.

Download using the CLI

The following will install the zod CLI tool and start an interactive downloading process:

pip install zod[cli]
zod download

This will prompt you for the required information, present you with a summary of the download, and then ask for confirmation. You can of course also specify all the required information directly on the command line, and avoid the confirmation using --no-confirm or -y. For example:

zod download -y --url="<download-link>" --output-dir=<path/to/outputdir> --subset=frames --version=mini

By default, all data streams are downloaded for ZodSequences and ZodDrives. For ZodFrames, DNAT versions of the images, and surrounding (non-keyframe) lidar scans are excluded. To download them as well, run:

zod download -y --url="<download-link>" --output-dir=<path/to/outputdir> --subset=frames --version=full --num-scans-before=-1 --num-scans-after=-1 --dnat

If you want to exclude some of the data streams, you can do so by specifying the --no-<stream> flag. For example, to download only the DNAT images, infos, and annotations, run:

zod download --dnat --no-blur --no-lidar --no-oxts --no-vehicle-data

Finally, for a full list of options you can of course run:

zod download --help

Downloading using torrents

We are now also hosting the dataset via Academic Torrents. You can find the Frames, Sequences and Drives subsets there.

We are currently working on integrating torrent downloading into the CLI, but for now, you can download the torrent files from their respective pages and use your favorite torrent client to download the data. We recommend using Transmission or aria2c.