Licensing Information

The Zenseact Open Dataset (ZOD) is the property of Zenseact AB (© 2022 Zenseact AB) and is licensed under the permissive CC BY-SA. Any public use, distribution, or display of this dataset must contain this entire notice:

For this dataset, Zenseact AB has taken all reasonable measures to remove all personally identifiable information, including faces and license plates. To the extent that you like to request removal of specific images from the dataset, please contact

The purpose of Zenseact is to save lives in road traffic. We encourage use of this dataset with the intention of avoiding losses in road traffic. ZOD is not intended for military use.

Together with this dataset, we release a development kit (find more information under Docs) containing a set of tools to help you get started with and use the dataset. The development kit is hosted on this GitHub repository and is licensed under the MIT License.